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100% from substance of rich organic & humus as raw material after a series of biochemical reactions and chelated with organic trace elements actively. Can increase the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer in soil, raise the utilization rates of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium by more than 18% on average and reduce the consumption of nitrogen fertilizer by 10-20%. Can improve the quality of rice, reduce the content of amylase and increase the content of amylopectin in rice. Can inhibit the growth of Rhizidium spirogyrae, moss and pathogenic fungi in paddy fields and enhance paddy rices antiviral ability. Can promote the metabolism of paddy rice, increase the efficiency of photosynthesis and raise yield by more than 10%. Can activate soil, keep soil loose and soft and promote the growth of root systems. Can complex the heavy metal elements in soil and reduce hazards arising out of the application of pesticides. Can change the color of paddy field into black , increase water temperature and effective accumulated temperature. On average, it can increase water temperature by 2-3 every day, increase by 80-100 in the growing period of paddy rice and achieve early maturing 3-5 days in advance.

Organic substance 60%, Humic Acid content 50%, NPK total content 5%, Si/Mg/Zn 3%

Recommended application
Top dressing: 30kg / ha, first time 15kgs in the reviving period, second time 15kgs in the tillering period, powder type can? be spread after mixing with urea or paddy field soil.
Basic fertilizer: 150kg / ha, top dressing, granule type directly spread into paddy fields, can use after mixed with other chemical fertilizer.
Nitrogen fertilizer should be reduced by 10-15% after using this fertilizer.
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