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Botanical source: lycopodium serratum thunb. var.
Huperzine-A: 1%, 5%, 20%, 99%, HPLC

Pharmacological actions:
1) huperzine A can improve memory, thinking, and behavioral function in people with
Alzheimer's disease, multi-infarct dementia, and senile dementia, and increase
the level of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine by blocking its breakdown.
2) It may also protect neurons from cell death caused by toxic levels of glutamate
and protect against some of the effects of chemical nerve agents used in warfare,
such as soman.
3) It is also the treatment of AD in a randomized controlled trial of its effect
on cognitive function.

Double-layer plastic bag
Fiberboard drum
Dimensions: 350mm x 510mm
N. W. : 25kg
G. W. : 28kg