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HA content is about 15g in a human body. It plays an important role in human biologic activity. With the decrease of HA content in skin, the water retaining ability of the skin is weakened, the skin looks coarse and wrinkle. The decrease of HA in other apparatus will lead to arthritis, arteriosclerosis, plus disorder and brain atrophy. All in all the decrease of HA in human body will lead to premature senility.
Oral HA can increase HA content in human body, supply deficiency of HA. By digesting and absorbing HA, skin can be made moist, smooth, soft and rich spring. Oral HA can defer crowd senility; prevent arthritis, arteriosclerosis, plus disorder and brain atrophy. Oral HA can make one full of beans and be rich in youth energy.
Phytochemicals and biochemicals are important two scientific fields to improve the quality of human life. We have all kinds of botanical extracts, providing essentials of nature. We supply Chondroitin Sulfate extracted from Bovine, Porcine, Chicken and Shark Cartilage and Shark Cartilage Powder. We also have Natural Sodium Hyaluronate extracted from Rooster Combs when raw materials are sufficient. To catch up the market demand, we cooperated with a line of fermentation to manufacture Vegetarian suitable Sodium Hyaluronate with good price and top quality.
With a regular training program, Focuschem people are professional and active in their fields. Weve eventually opened our international market since 2004 and our products are sold to the USA, UK, Germany, Korea, New Zealand and Indonesia. We welcome friends worldwide to contact us and establish long-term business cooperation.
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