Sell Hybrid High Speed Thin Wall moulding Machine

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Exc series is specially designed for the thin-wall Ec220, Ec369 and fast cycle injection molding products. It has already launch four model of this machine series the new Ec100 and Ec 160 model, Ec 100 can produce one (500cc/650cc) rectangular lunch box with 0.45mm thickness per machine cycle, Ec 160 can produce either one (700cc/750cc/1000cc) per machine cycle or two (650cc) with 0.45mm thickness rectangular lunch boxes per machine cycle.
Main feature:
1. The new EC series is equipped with the special design clamping hydraulic system, it will increase the clamping speed as well as the overall machine stability. The machine life time and reliability are enhanced by the following design feature strengthened toggle system, automatic centralized high pressure lubrication system, self lubrication support platen for movable platen and automatic tie bar lubrication.
2. Strengthened injection system design with low fiction special design sealing system which increases the injection speed ,24:1L/D ratio double threads screw and titanium plated tip set, closed-loop back pressure control system increase the molding precision and repeatability. This new designed system assures the fast plasticizing speed , quality and fast cycle. Standard injection carriage check valve enhances the production stability and increase the product precision.