Sell Hydra Gel 125 Ml, Allegory Rose

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I know you give so much money to make your skin softer, cleaner, to fight against wide pores, against acne, against age and wrinkles. Please let me tell you about a magical product which will cost you almost nothing.

Rose water - have you heard about it?
Rose water is a product obtained by steam-water distillation of fresh blossoms of damask rose, the world well known oleaginous rose. Many people say that the rose water is a hydrosol, which is a by-product by distillation of the rose essential oil. Thats not truth.
The only one producer in the world, which produces rose water by steam-water distillation for its self, not as a by-product of obtaining of the rose oil is Bulgaria. The Bulgarian rose water is produced by a process of distillation which controls the content of essential oil in it and it is an object of Bulgarian State Standardization. In the drug stores all over the world you can find synthetic rose water which consist a mixture of distilled water, synthetic rose oil, isopropanol, glycerin, methylparanens and other synthetic ingredients and dyes. Please note  the natural rose water is colorless! Make sure that the product you are buying is 100% natural pure Bulgarian rose water.
So, when you are already sure you have in your hands real pure natural rose water, you can use it in many different ways.
Rose water is an excellent toner which will make your skin gentle, glowing and healthy. The properties which I will mention above are proved to demonstration and they are the reason the rose water to be used in the treatments of all sorts of dermatists.
- Tightening skin pores
- Controls and balances the secretion of the fatty glands in the skin
- Antibacterial properties, which helps by anti-acne fight
- It stimulates the skin and heights the blood flow
- Natural cleansing properties
- Reducing wrinkles
- Helps against skin inflammation and sun burns
- Maintaining the pH balance of the skin
- Anti-allergic properties

Many of the greatest cosmetic producers use in their face creams rose water instead of distilled (purified) water.

Rose water is much, much cheaper than all kinds of skin cleanser toners, anti-aging creams, skin treatment systems and it is pure and natural, it a gift from the Mother Nature. It is gentle, with pleasant aroma of fresh rose blossoms, it is non aggressive and it could be used every day and for all skin types  dry, oily and normal. It is not dangerous for the gentle childrens skin. It could be used as ingredient for masks, lotions, toners, creams; it could be used also in its pure form.

Here I will recommend you some products, which are based on natural rose water and their additional ingredients only complement the natural properties of the rose water. These two products are Face lotion, Allegory Rose and Hydra Gel Allegory, Rose.
Hydra Gel 125 Ml, Allegory Rose, Cleansing, perfectly hydrating, antibacterial,
nutritive and emollient for the dry and sensitive skin; refreshing the face and body skin.
Penetrating into the epidermis, the HYDRA GEL gradually releases the contained into it skin nutritive and reconstructive substances. All day long the skin becomes deep nutrition, the hydration of the top skin layers goes long-term optimized. /ANTIBACTERIAL EFFECT /APPLICATION WAY: Treat over the dry skin with gentle massage. Use it every day for soft and perfectly hydrated skin. In a surroundings of dangerous bacteria and viruses as A(H1N1) it could help you keep your hands and face clean and protected.