Sell Hydraulic Decoiler System

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The decoiler consists of the coil car, decoiler, lead rail, and hydraulic system.

For moving dolly
Capacity: Max.10tons
Speed: 6m/min
Lifting: Max. 550mm
Moving: Max. 3000mm
For uncoiler
Capacity: Max. 10tons
Inner Dia: about 508mm;
610mm(gasket is required)
Width: Max.1500mm
Center adjust: Max. 250mm
For hydraulic
Max. hydraulic pressure: 16Mpa
Motor power: 10.5kw
Air pressure: 0.9Mpa

Work Flow
Fix coil to coil car -> coil car move to decoiler -> coil car lift to the same center with decoiler -> coil car move into the decoiler -> fix the coil to the decoiler-> coil car return -> axis of decoiler rotate