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The hydraulic excavator CE series, as the design platform of the international cooperation, globalization's purchasing for the kits, adopts the latest technology in the world to content customers' requirements, and the international general streamlined appearance wins the identification sense of customers. The CE420-6 with the outstanding performance, strong digging force and efficient productivity has the more loading efficacy in the least working cost.

The equipments are not easily destroyed and have the longer lifetime. The powerful earth-rock excavator, backhoe, apply in basic construction in cities, traffic, water conservancy, and hydroelectric, and apply in exploiting mine and dealing with steel sediment and the digging and the loading rock in the gradeI~IV soil. The mine excavator, face-shovel, suits to the exploiting in kinds of mines, water-conservancy and hydroelectric and so on. One of these kind of machine's specification is as follows:

1) CE420-6
Machine Weight: 40T(Bachhoe) ,42t(Face Shovel)
Bucket capacity:1.8-2.5M3
Diesel engine Type:Cummins M11-C290
Fuel tank capacity:510 L
Hydraulic system Pump:A11V
Working pressure of main oil circuit:30MPa

Machine performance:
Swing speed:9r/min
Travel speed:3.0/5.0km/h
Max. towable forc:34t
Grade ability:%70

Working data(Backhoe) :
Boom length(mm) :6500
Stick length:3000
Max. digging radius:11240
Max. digging depth:7230
Max. digging height:10580
Max. unloading height:7490

Digging force:
Max. crowd force of Sick:168 kN
Max. breakout force of bucket:199kN
Max. multiplex digging force:300kN
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