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WZY Series Of Hydraulic Material Handlers:

The famous heavey machine manifacturer has been always engaged in carrying material research for many years in kinds of different work sites such as steel works, ports, wharfs and material transportation centers and so on.

According to the market and customers' requirement, the company has researched and produced several kind Hydraulic Material Handlers with the standard equipment of advanced straight Boom and gooseneck Stick and the optional equipment of Electro-Magnets Equipment, Fixed Elevation Cab, Hydraulic Lifting Cab, Television Monitor System, Electron Weighing System, Automatically Centralized Lubricating System and so on. The devices may adopt the type with sorts of work tools such as Orange-peel Grabs, clamshell Buckets, Wood grabs, Steel Bloom Grabs and hydraulic shears and so on.

The machines with a unit weight range from 26t to 100t may adopt the diesel oil drive or electricity drive, which pedestals may choose the track type or no undercarriages (fixed type, orbit type) to omni-directionally meet customers' broad demand. Some of the products are as follows:

1) WZY42-6(Clamshell Buckets) :
Machine weight:42T
Selective Capacity:1.0-4.0 m3
Diesel engine Type: Cummins C8.3C260

Performance Data:
Swing speed:9.9r/min
Travel speed:3.2/5.2km/h
Max. towable force:27.2 t

Operation data:
Boom length:7000mm
Stick length:4500mm
Max. grabbing radius: 11690mm
Max. grabbing height:9660mm
Max. grabbing depth:6120mm
Max. hoist torque:60 t. m
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WZY Series
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