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Usage: It is mainly used in all kinds of industry with riveting parts, such as automobiles and trams etc. equiped with suitable apparatus, it can be used to punch, pressing-set etc
The instruction of pump station: The central control parts of high-speed hydraulic riveting machine is the hydraulic pump station, and its performance infuences the normal production. We have produced the machines for than 20 years, so we have accumulated more experience. Because of the development of automovile industry, the machine have developed dramatically. During technical innovation in 20 years, the performance have motivated dramatically, the hydraulic system is more stable, and maintenance is more convenient. .
Riveting clamp: There are two types of the riveting clamp:hanging and horizontal, and the hanging riveting clamp is used widely. The main components are oil cylinder, the body of riveting clamp, move riveting die, stationary riveting die and the handle button.
With the hanging riveting clamp, in order to ensure the performance of riveting clamp, reduce the weight as soon as possible at the same time, make the operation is handiness and agile, the body and oil cylinder of rivering clamp adopt the high quality special steelproduct.
In order to suit the various shape workpiece and the size of the rivet diameter, we make the riveting clamp in series so that the customer can choose. For the special request riveting clamp, you can contact our company at any time.
Riveting die: Riveting die can divided into move riveting die and stationary riveting die, they are installed on the piston rod and riveting clamp repectively(The horizontal stationary riveting die is installed on the riveting clamp through the riveting die cover) . The size of riveting die is fit for all kingds of shape of rivet of standard series , and we can make the special request riveting die. Generally the A type riveting die is used for hanging riveting clamp, B riveting die is used for horizontal riveting clamp.
Hanging device: The hanging riveting clamp is installed on the hanging device to work, with the hanging device, riveting clamp can move freely, so it can aim at the riveting part quickly. The hanging device has several styles, it can divided in to balancer hanging device according to the balance style.
Balance weight and Tackle:Balance weight or spring balancer is installed on the part between the tackle and the riveting clamp, they are used for balance the riveting clamp's wight. When we operate the riveting clamp, we can move the riveting clamp thereaabout and left right easily. The balance weight is made according to teh riveting clamp's weight. Spring balance is purchased part, we can choose the size of specification according to riveting clamp's weight.
Sling: In accordance with the different requirements of usage, the sling can be divided into several general types as following diagram. The standard type and special type slings can revolved 1800, and they can be used to rivet the common workpieces. The crank type sling can also revolved 1800, and it can be used to rivet the inclined angle workpieces. We provide the standard type sling when our products leaving the factory, if the customer have the special requirements, please note the specific requirments when order.
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