Sell Hydraulic Shearing Machine (QC12YJT Series)

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This machine adopts hydraulic driving and swing tool carrier. The structure is reasonable and realiable. It is convenient to operate and maintain. The characteristic of it is has conplete functions, motorized back gauge, manually operated trimming and numerical &#118alue display structure. It also has blade clearanc  Quick Set  device, installation for linght beam shadow overlapping the drawn line on the plate, and counter. Stroke stepless controller raises working efficiency in shearing narrow plate.
This machine is suitable for metal construction works, boiler plants, hoisting and transpoot machinery factories as well as shipyards to shear dividing plates or to finish crude edges of the plate materials.

shear size (mm)
4W3200 6W2500
6W3200 6W4000 6W5000
6W6000 8W2500 8W3200 8W4000 8W5000 8W6000 10W2500 10W3200 10W4000 10W5000 10W6000 12W2500 12W3200 12W4000 12W5000 12W6000 12W8000 16W2500 16W3200 16W4000 20W2500 20W3200 20W4000 25W2500 25W3200 25W4000 32W2500 32W3200 40W2500 40W3200

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