Sell Hydrazine hydrate

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Product English name Hydrazine, Hydrate
Product alias hydration hydrazine
C A S 10217-52-4
Molecular formula H2N:NH2. H2O
The physics and chemistry target colorless fuming liquid, assumes the weak basicity, micro has especially smelly, inflammable. Melting point -51.7 0. Boiling point 120.1 0. The flash point 73 0 (operates cup) . Refractive index nD (20 0) 1.4280. Relative density d (2,1/4 0) 1.032. When with is extremely easy metal oxide compound and the porous oxide compound contact and so on mercury, copper which returns to original state, can be on fire the decomposition. Can mixes with the water and the ethyl alcohol dissolves in the chloroform and the ether. Can absorb the carbon dioxide from the air. To material and so on glass, rubber has corrosiveness.
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