Sell Hydrocarbon Resin For Hot Melt Road Marking

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1) paints:
Paints mainly use c9 petroleum resins, dcpd resins and c5 / c9 copolymerized resins with high softening points, petroleum resins are added to paints can increase the final finishes of paints, the adhesiveness of paint films and the hardness. Resistance to acid and alkaline.
2) rubbers:
Mainly use c5 petroleum resins, c5 / c9 copolymerized resins and dcpd resins with low softening points, these kinds of resins have very good mutual solubilities with natural rubber particles, no affect to the sulphurization of rubber. Rubbers added with petroleum resins will increase the strength, adhesiveness and softening property.
3) adhesives:
Petroleum resins have very good adhesiveness, they can increase the adhesiveness of adhesives, resistance to acid, alkaline and water. Subsequently they will reduce the production cost.
4) printing inks:
Usually, the c9 petroleum resins and dcpd resins which hare high softening point are used for printing inks, they hare color spreading, fast dry and brightening effects and will increase the printing property. Regarding the specification, please feel free to contact us.
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