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WF-RS10 Hypalon Rubber Sheet

Hypalon has outstanding resistance to most chemicals; heat and oil are among the most important characteristics. Further, Hypalon is flame resistant, offers excellent color stability, weather and abrasion resistance. Low moisture absorption, good dielectric qualities, and high abrasion resistance are among its other features. Like most synthetics, Hypalon is superior to natural rubber in temperature, oil and resistance to the effect of ozone
Specification: 1-80mm(T) X500-2000mm(W) XL (the length can be designated by you)
Density: 1.410.05 g/cm3 or as per your requirement
Tensile strength: equal or above 1000PSI or 7.0Mpa or as per your requirement
Elongation: equal or above 250% or as per your requirement
Hardness: 70+or-5durometers shore A or as per requirement
Features: with middle pressure, working temperature from 15~120degrees C, oil resistance and anti-wearing, etc.
Application: applied to punch all kinds of seal buffer washers, make rubber mat, seals, as ground pavement and decoration
Luster: black