Sell Hypophosphorous acid

Hypophosphorous acid You May Also Be Interested In: hypophosphorous acid
Properties :
1. Formula: H3PO2
2. Molecular Weight: 66
3. Appearance: a colorless or slightly yellow liquid.
4. Solubility:soluble in water easily.
5. Stability:When heated strongly or put together with oxidizers, it will be decomposed
into hydrogen phosphide, phosphoric acid, Phosphorous acid and hydrogen.

Hypophosphorous acid is usually used as a reducing agent for chemical plating, medicine, and as a hypochromic-antioxidant for resin, a fire retardant and plasticizing agent, an uvioresistant agent for textile. It may be prepared for various kinds of hypophosphorates.

Envelopment, points for attention:
The product is 25kg, 250kg or 1000kg in net weight, enveloped in the plastic barrel. It should be kept in a ventilate, dry place and from high temperature, oxidizers, handled gently, not being splashed out because of the trong corrosiceness.