Sell Hypromellose

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1, It can be used as film coating material and film-becoming material. Because of its low viscosity, it is used as water-soluble film coating material and non-water-soluble coating material for tablets and pills, when its concentrstion is 1-10%.
2, It is used as adhesives and disintegrating agents. With low viscosity, it is used to be adhesives and disintegrating agents for tablets, pills and granules. It can also enhance the dissolution rate, when the general dosage is 2-5%.
3, Used as the thickener and the protective agent of colloid. When being used as the thickener, its concentration is 0.5-1.0%. When being used as the stabilizer for draining colloid, it can prevent particals from assembling and depositing, and its general concentration is 0.5-1.5%.
4, Hypromellose with high viscosity is commonly used as retarder and release-controlled agent for the preparation of slow-release troches; While hypromellose with low viscosity can accelerate the tablets to get its dosage, and then it can slow-release or controlled-release the dosage to maintain the blood contration.
5, It (with high-viscosity) can be used as suspending agent, whose concentration is 0.5-1.5%.