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Hysteroscope is an advanced device to diagnose and cure diseases in cavity of uterus. It can clearly observe various changes in cavity of uterus and make obvious diagnosis. Compared with traditional abdominal cavity opening surgery, use hysteroscope surgery to cure immedicable uterus bleeding, uterus mucous membrane myoma, inner root intervallum myoma instead of traditional methods of uterus ablation, it has the advantages of no opening abdominal cavity, no ablating uterus, small wound, little bleeding, painless, rapid recovery after surgery, few complicating disease in short term and no influencing ovary functions in long term. Keep uterus has a better psychological influence to young and middle-aged women. Hysteroscope lets some patients with serious combined internal medicine diseases and can not endure uterus ablation get away from the pain and brings evangel to vast number of women.

Hysteroscope's composition:

Hysteroscope is a system with mirror body, camera, lighting, digital imaging. With different mirror sheath on the external of 2.7-4mm diameter mirror body, it can complete the operations of check-up, intubatton and electric ablation.

Hysteroscope adaptive disease

1. Differentiate various uteri bleeding with ambiguous reasons and bleeding after menopause such as cavity of uterus polypus, mucous membrane uterus myoma, canal of cervix of uterus cancer, adenocarcinoma of endometrium, remained hydatidiform mole and placenta remains.

2. Various infertility, habitual abortion, suspicious uterus monstrosity or cavity of uterus conglutination, Fallopian tube jam with ambiguous reasons.

3. For family planning patients such as contraceptive ring incarceration, patients need to take out the remained specula after induced abortion.

Surgery directed by hysteroscope

1. Hysteroscope check-up and Hysteroscope position, take out membrane in uterus to live check

2. Mucous membrane myoma ablation

3. Endometrial polyp ablation

4. Uterine septum ablation

5. Endometrium ablation, excision

6. Cavity of uterus conglutination segregation

7. Cervical polyp ablation

8. Eyewinker in cavity of uterus extraction

9. Hysteroscope intubatton Fallopian tube recanalization

10. Contraceptive ring position in uterus or extract contraceptive ring that are difficult to extract

11. Artificial fertilization and impregnated ovum transplant surgery in Fallopian tube and so on.

Digital imaging system function

It can provide image collection, freezing, video recording, playback, storage functions of Hysteroscope check-up process.

It can collect 1-50pictures in each check-up continuously. It applies to mobile observation of Hysteroscope check-up.

Real-colored printer can print clear image and vivid colored reports.

Special pathological changes can be saved to standard atlas base an it's convenient for doctors to consult or teaching research the state of an illness.

English remarks operations are very easy. Rich image management function. You can inquire, edit and modify, and delete the medical records.

Sensitivity: it's 400%-600% higher than traditional detection methods.

Detectable rate: it's 300%-500% higher than traditional detection methods.

Characteristic rate: 90%-95%

Optional components: cavity of uterus resectoscope, Fallopian tube scope.