Sell IA type highly effective plastic absorbents

IA type highly effective plastic absorbents You May Also Be Interested In: plastic raw materials recycling material
White or gray, good for plastic forming, not poisonous or stimulating
The water it can absorb is equivalent to 20% of its own weight.
How to use
Following the certain proportion and mixed evenly with the plastic raw materials, it can be easily used.
Widely used for the water absorption of PE, PP recycling and membrane blowing to ensure product quality and rate lower the energy consuming and improve productivity.
Sealed custody should be adopted and long time exposure to air must be avoided. Use it as soon as possible after it was unpacked. If the unpacked cannot be used up for one time, please seal the bag tightly to prevent air from entering. When the absorbents and the recycling material are blended together, drying by the fire is forbidden, or the reaction of the water vapor and absorbents will result to the effect-lose. Prolonged high-speed blending is not allowed, or absorbent agents will react earlier, generating uneven scattered compound, which tend to plug the filter.