IBM SERVE RAID-7K CONTROLLER CARD You May Also Be Interested In: battery life extender coil motor ibm raid raid 7k raid controller
This unit replaces the primary factory internal hard drive. No hard drive carrier/caddy included, you can use the existing carrier/caddy on your original factory drive. Possibly the best upgrade available for your notebook/laptop. Need more storage or a backup solution. Purchase a 2nd Hard Drive Adapter to run in your Ultra bay slot for supported models

Features (Unique to IBM/Hitachi Travel star Hard Drives) :
> Enhanced Adaptive Battery Life Extender 3.0 for maximized battery life
> Fluid Dynamic Bearing Spindle Motor for lower acoustics and increased non-operating shock tolerance
> Advanced noise reduction using a Voice Coil Motor (VCM) Damper
> S. M. A. R. T. compliant detection system that gives advanced warning of possible drive inconsistencies
> Stiffness-reinforced base casting construction offers enhanced stability and greater vibration/shock resistance
> Antihero magnetically coupled (AFC) "pixie dust" media
> Specula Layer giant magneto resistive (GMR) heads
> Ramp Head Load/Unload technology
> Partial Response Maximum Likelihood (PRML) read channel
> Adaptive Formatting
> The 7200-RPM performance will provide end-users with noticeable improvements in start-up and data access time and in running data-rich applications such as graphics, spreadsheets or audio and video files. Higher RPM, increased data rate, advanced cache management software, larger cache size, and a faster hard disk drive microprocessor unit from the previous generation 4200rpm models.
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