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IC card online locker is the newly-developed high-tech product, improved from the IC single electronic locker. Its designed for school libraries, clothes changing locker in big corporations, residential area mailboxes, stations and so on. It is managed by the microcomputer, working by reading IC cards. It can also be effectively combined with the Campus All-in-One Card used in schools, employee timecard in corporations, membership card in entertainment places, residential area All-in-One Card and ticket card used in tourist spots. It can be set as free or charging service.
[Function Characteristics]
1. Simple management: the server executes back-stage management through the LAN system, making full use of the advantages of computer, simplifying the system and achieving the agility and convenience of management function.
2. Friendly Interface: IC card online locker possesses friendly and convenient user interface. Users can log in, log out, report the loss, block the account, inquire current affairs and so on.
3. Error check function: when the user forgets the case number, he can put his IC card near the reading machine on any case then the screen will display the right case number. It saves the administrator a lot of work.
4. Refusing closing the door: When operated by mistake such as depositing without reading card, the computer will give the instruction that not to close the door. This function is unique in this industry(only we have the technique) .
5. Emergency Opening: When system error occurs and the door can not open, the administrator can use the administration card to operate the emergency opening
6. Clear-up function: The administrator can use the clear-up function to initialize the state of all the cases, avoiding longtime occupation and raising the utilization rate.
7. State- show function: The indicator light shows the using state of the cases with bright and clear light.
8. Flexible Expansion: the network system is easy and convenient to expand, many lockers can be connected at the same time.
9. Intelligent registration: The system software provides normative registration and fast order registration. It greatly improves the registration speed. According to customers requirements, cards and cases can be assigned randomly or homologously.
⑩ Deposit management: IC card deposit management can be adopted for both charging style and free of charge style according to the clients request.

School libraries, employee wardrobes, high-tech buildings, stations, top-grade apartments and so on.
[Operation Process]
(1) Depositing and Withdrawing:
1, Hold the registered IC card approaching the card reader on the locker, then the computer will randomly assign an empty case and open it. .
2, Put things into the box then close the door. The process of the depositing is done.
3, Hold the registered IC card approaching the card reader on the locker when customers want to fetch things, then the card reader will transfer the information to the computer. If the computer validates the information, the door will open automatically.
4, Withdraw the things and close the door.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
1000 sets per month
ISO 9001
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
5 sets
Power Requirements
Patents or Trademarks
Patent #ZL 2006 1 0166520.5
Terms of Payment
T/T, L/C at sight
Terms of Sale
FOB Shanghai
Warranty Coverage
labor and materials 1 year