Sell IC card auto dialer for pre-paid phone carding

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Regular dialer works by connecting in front of the telephone and people could store the pre-paid access number+PIN inside it. the inconvenience is that any people could use the pre-paid service when he picks up the telephone and dials, so basically no body knows who makes the call or how much is spend with his call.
In order to control the expense of communication cost, the IC card dialer has an IC card reader inside it and with which the access+PIN is stored. Each employee thus will have one IC card with them. When he need to makes a call, he just inserts the IC card into the slot, and then makes the call with his own account.
Actually the IC card is the memory of regular dialers, it is programmable and re-writable with the touch tone, but with IC Card, the memory of dialer now becomes portable! For more info, pls just visit our website