Sell IC card charging control system

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Product name: netbar charging control system
Model No: K1800
Supply quantity: Large

it's the contact IC Smart card internet cafe charging machine, based on well management and exact Control, Make sure you will get Successful and enhanced business.
It's based on IC card technology which combines the advantage of hardware and software so it is an excellent management, monitoring and billing system for Internet cafes, hotels, restaurants, libraries and other institutions that provide computers for public usage. . .
* Change the manual operation in workshop into automatic control style with intellectual card, thus will bring up the profile of network.
* Realize automatic, accurate and effective requirement in charge, finance and management.
* Up-to-date member management mode, attracting customer will become the winner
* Accurate charging get rid of dispute
* Reduce the management expense greatly, save management expense and reduce the loss of capital
* Set different charging rate according to different card, interval and machine. The price is flexible to adjust, attracting more and more customers to participate
* Real-time supervision, convenient and clear for management.
* Clear shift procedure, providing various statement and inquiry functions.
* Easily supple the usable amount, convenient for the customer to continuously work in the internet.
* Can use chain management software to develop the space of profit
Technical Specification:
* Programs of server: WINDOWSNT4. 0+SBB or WINDOWS2000+MS SQL SEVER7. 0.
* Program of customer terminal: WINDOWS 9X/2000/XP.
* The feature is in conformity with ISO7816-3
* Short circuit protection for pins of internal IC card
* Metallic case, fix structure, 5V of power supply.
* Serial communication, 9600BPS
* Weight: 320g
* Operating Temperature: 0o C-50o C
* Operating Humidity: 20%-80%
* Language: English, Traditional Chinese
* Management software: Transaction fingerprint management and Access control attendance options and network management.