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Summary :

Single-phase full-electronic IC card prepayment meter is produced on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced management mode, joined with microelectronics technology and IC card technology. It based on usersself-service, Cardholders users (IC) to the electricity business sector set up by electricity purchased indicators, with special electricity tariff management system, put information about the quantum of the electricity purchased by the users and when you need the alarm into the card, when users insert their cards into the electricity meter, electricity and other information was sent into the card, users can immediately use it. The invention of the single-phase electric card table makes the electric energy like other commodities, we use the quantity we bought, which fully reflect the value of electricity. Electricity business departments will no longer need to Lookup, accounting, fees, house by house, electricity sales to be adopted by the Institute of business users, eliminate its long-troubled electricity sector business Arrearage problem, but consumption of electricity and meter management can be computerized. This has changed the use of several decades old business models. Greatly improved labor productivity, so that power management is moving toward modernization.
The main functions and features :
1. Energy Measurement; 2. Read the matched pair of cards, and random encryption to ensure that the IC card information is not divulged, Replicated; 3. Index greater than 12 a. m. normal power supply; 4. Alarm when indicators electricity worth less than the alarm; 5. When the index indicators zero, automatically stop power supply; 6. Maximum load control; 7. Normal pulse instructions; 8. Set up eight algorism passwords; 9 indicators show; 10. Plug-in card to eliminate the police; 11. Energy negative instructed alarm;
Main technical parameters
Reference voltage 220V
Voltage reference 0.7 U Un .2 b -1

Current specifications 10-40A
Reference frequency 50Hz

Grading accuracy 2.0
Starting current 0.4% Ib

Voltage Power Lines "0.8W
Communication transmission distance
Environmental conditions -10C~50C Relative humidity <=85%
Automatic relay depth Data transmission speed
Center frequency Dimensions * 127.5 * 176.5 57.5
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L/C at sight or T/T
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