Sell ICCB In Vitro Cultivated Calculus Bezoar´s

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In Vitro Cultivated Calculus Bezoar4s processes are mature; its quality are stable, safe and effective; and can be used as a substitution to the natural calculus bovis.

FUNCTION relieving heat, expelling phlegm, removing obstruction, refreshing liver, arresting wind, detoxicating. Aplicable to treat fever, disorientation, stroke, difficulty in expelling phlegm, twich, epilepsia, pain gorge, sore throat, carbuncle, tumor, furuncle, and sore.
DOSAGE 0.15 -035g, mainly in pill or power, for external use, grind the suitable quantity and apply to the affected area.
STORAGE Keep airtigh and dry, protected from light and presure, stored at room temperature.
REMARK : Extracted from Pharmacopeia of PRC Vol.1 (2005 version, page 120) .

In Vitro Cultivated Calculus Bezoar is a rare and newly invented first-class raw tradicional Chinese medicine. It won the highest award in the domestic medicine industry the second prize of National Technical Invention. In 2003, eleven experts, including Academician Wang Yongyan of committee of Chinese Pharmacopeia carried out an all-aroud assessment on the properties, authentication, inspection, content measurement, and clinical effect etc. of In Vitro Cultivated Calculus Bezoar and all experts agreed that In Vitro Cultivated Calculus Bezoar and natural calculus bovis are identical, and furthermore, In Vitro Cultivatred Calculus Bezoar4s mayor pharmacal element is more stable tan that of natural calculus bovis an is a ideal substitution for natural calculus bovis and can be use as a perfect raw material for middle and hi level products for calculus bezoar.