Sell ICR18650 2200mah lithium ion cylinder batteries

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lithium ion rechargeable batteries
ICR18650 from 1800mah to 2200mah
ICR17670 1400mah. . .
ICR14500 700mah. . .
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Great Power rechargeable Lithium ion batteries feature high energy density, high capacity, light weight and high power in all cylindrical and prismatic and button types.
The single cell capacity of Great Power Li-ion and polymer Li-ion rechargeable batteries can be ranging from 50mAh to 15.000mAh, and cell thickness ranging from 1mm to 20mm, in all cylindrical, prismatic and button types.
Reference to UL and CE standards, we test Great Power batteries by crushing, overcharging, thermal shocking, short circuit, nail penetration and incineration. Our batteries are safe to use even under some abused condition.
The product applications cover all mobile and consumer electronics products, such as mobile phones, notebook computers, Bluetooth earphones, digital cameras, digital camcorders, portable DVD, MD, CD players, MP3, PDAs, electric bicycles, miner larmps and satellite communication systems

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