Sell ICT FE1/V.35

ICT FE1/V.35
The ICT FE1/V.35 provides an effective way to establish a permanent data link over a G.703/G.704 line. It performs the conversion between V.35 (NW64Kbps (N<=32) ) and framed E1, suitable for the connection between a DTE equipment with V.35 interface and a E1 link. It can also functions as an access unit of digital services and features the benefits of compact size, high operating stability, ease of operation and maintenance. Options of standalone or line card are available

l Conversion between V.35 N x 64K (N<=32) and E1 (2048Kbps, framed and unframed)
l full duplex, supports local and remote loopbacks in compliance with V.54 standard
l E1 interface: framed or unframed selectable
l Line code:HDB3
l Supports both PCM30 and PCM31 mode
l Supports CRC function
l Support range up to 1.5KM over 0.5mm wire gauge
l clocking: internal, external, network(receive)
l front panel status LEDs
l Line impedance:120(Ohms) balance / 75(Ohms) unbalance selectable
l Built-in Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) for complete testing of the local and remote unit
l Compact in size
l low power consumption: <=2.5W
l 220VAC or -48VDC power supply

Line Interface
Standard ITU-T G.703, G.704
Line Type Unloaded 4-wire twisted pair 19 to 26 AWG or
BNC 75(Ohms) coaxial cable
Line Code HDB3 (up to 2048 Kbit/s baud rate)
Baud rate Up to 2048 Kbit/s, full duplex, sync
Framing Unframed/Framed
Transmit Level According to G.703
Impedance 75(Ohms) for 2048 kbit/s unbalanced (BNC coax)
120(Ohms) for 2048kbit/s balanced (RJ-45 twisted pair)
Receive voltage 0~-43 dB
Transmit high voltage 2.37110%, 75(Ohms)
Transmit low voltage 010.1V
Connector RJ-45: 120(Ohms) for 2048kbit/s balanced
BNC coax: 75(Ohms) for 2048kbit/s unbalanced
DTE interface
Date rate NW64Kbit/s (N<=32) or 2048Kbit/s, sync
Signal Attenuation 6dB (G.703-HDB3 Interface)
Output Level 13V (G.703-HDB3 Interface)
Type and Connector V.35 or RS232 (DB25, female)
Transmit & Receive Internal oscillator
External from the DTE
Receive clock derived from the receive signal,
looped back as a transmit clock
V.54 Loopbacks Local loopback (LLOOP) : DIP 7 of SW5
Remote loopback (RLOOP) : DIP 8 of SW 5
Internal BERT Built-in pattern generator and tester, complies with
ITU V.52
Height 36 mm/1.4 in
Width 200 mm/7.7 in
Depth 146 mm/5.7 in
Weight 0.4kg / 0.88lb
Power Supply
AC Source 220 VAC (110%) , 50 to 60 Hz, 2.5 VA
DC Source -48 VDC (-36 to -72 VDC) , 2.5W
Power Consumption AC: 2.5 VA
DC: 2.5W
Operation temperature 0 -500C
Storage temperature -20~700
Humidity Up to 95%, non-condensing