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SOFT OFFER for Sugar
COMMODITY: White refined cane sugar  ICUMSA 45
ORIGIN: Sellers Option
QUANTITY: 1.500.000 MT total
CONTRACT LENGTH: 12 months (1 year)

PRICE: 280,00 USD per /MT

PAYMENT TERMS: Transferable, irrevocable documentary letter of credit
(By Bank Documentary L/C. )

White Granulated Cane Sugar:
 Polarization: 99.8%MIN. minimum at 25 Degrees Celsius
 Ash Content: 0.04%MAX.
 Moisture: 0.04%MAX.
 Colour: Crystal White
 Granulation: Medium to Fine Grain
 ICUMSA: 45 RBU attenuation index units (ICUMSA method no: 4-1978)
 Radiation: 100% normal w/o presence of caesium or iodine, certified
 Magnetic Particles: MG/K  4
 SO: MG/K - 20
 Table Grade: Standard
 Solubility: 100% dry and free flowing
 Smell: Free of any odour
 Max. As: 1p. p. m
 Max. OS: 2p. p. m.
 Max. Cu: 3p. p. m
Crop: 2007 / Latest


Buyer issues full Letter of Intent with details of enquiry, name of bankers and either Bank Letter of Confirmation of funds availability. If preferred, an immediate bank to bank confirmation of funds versus ability to supply product can be made.

1. Seller issues a Full Corporate Offer to Buyer, and text of L/C and Performance Bond.

2. Buyer approves, signs and returns

3. Contract issued for approval and signing

4. Seller provides bank proof of product, refinery allocations and Buyer's bank confirms funds availability

5. Buyer opens a pre-advice L/C

6. Seller posts the operative Performance Bond to activate the L/C.