Sell ICUMSA 150: White Crystal Sugar

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Refined sugar often used by manufacturers making foodstuffs where the refining requirements for sugar are lower than those required for sugar sold direct to consumers. White Crystal Sugar is recommended for most customers because it contains less chemical, it is more readily available, and it a lower cost replacement to the traditional White Refined Sugar, ICUMSA 45.

White Crystal Sugar is formed by crystallization process, without chemical refining.

Origin: Brazil
Color: White Crystal ICUMSA 150
Origin: Brazil
SPECIFICATIONS: Brazilian White Crystal Sugar
Polarization: 99.70 degree min
Ash Content: 0.08 % max
Moisture: 0.08% max
Radiation: Within internationally acceptable limits
Sediments: None
Smell: Free from unusual or abnormal smells
Substance Structure: White Crystalline

Origin: Mexico
Polarization: 99.60% Minimum
Moisture Content: 0.07% Maximum
Ash Content: 0.07% Maximum
ICUMSA RBU: 150 Maximun
Solubility: 100%
Color: White
Radiation: Within Internationally Accepted Limits
Granulation: Fine