Sell ICUMSA-45 Brazil Sugar

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Approximately 95% of all requests we receive are rejected due to inconsistencies found on them. Therefore, to avoid frustration and save precious communication time, please make sure the following is observed:

 The requests must be presented in a complete ICPO/LOI, in the Companys letterhead, containing full banking information (including Account holder, bank address and officers contact information, SWIFT Code, account coordinates, etc. ) and must include explicit authorization for soft-probe;

 The BCL must be provided. A valid BCL must be issued in the Bank Letterhead, signed, preferably, by two bank officers, including full banking coordinates and stating clearly that the Account Holder is Ready, Willing and Able to undergo the transaction proposed (specified clearly) , in the total amount of the contract (specified clearly) . Other terms, such as a simple referral letter indicating the good standing of the Account Holder in the banking institution, have no legal value as BCL. Otherwise, an agreement for providing RWA via Bank-to-Bank must be stated in the ICPO/LOI body text. The names, positions and contact information of the Bank officers signing the BCL must be clearly indicated;

 The ICPO/LOI must be signed and stamped. The name and position of the officers signing the LOI/ICPO must be clearly indicated. Otherwise there is no legal value;

 The documents must be fresh (recent date  the most 3-5 days old max. ) ;

 VERY IMPORTANT, the letterhead of the Company requesting the commodity must match the Bank Account Holder on the banking information provided.

These points will help you in verifying the legitimacy of the documentation provided. If your documents DO NOT PASS these verification points, please discuss them with your Buyers and get them corrected, immediately. This will save time in our process. Otherwise, your documents