Sell ID Card Reader, Mifare card reader (KPE100T)

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We have the ID Card and Mifare Card reader, It's very easy to install and work, without any software or you can set yours any software to use it. . .

This card reader are widely used in many industries, access and payment control, electronic financial auto payment, School Campus, Identification/Security System, Parking Lot (entry/payment) Management, Social Security Management, Multiple purposes-transport, municipal and ancillary service payment, etc.

We supply dozens of kinds of ID card reader and Mifare card with different patterns and colors. All are simple, flexible and popular.

Pear, Silver, Black colors are selectable.
COM, Keyboard Jack, RS485 Interface Standard.

Keyboard Emulate: PNP(Plug and play) , output data like a keyboard.

COM Output: Compatible with all tools based on COM data input, also can be tested by the super terminal or other COM test softward.

RS485 Output: Provide dll, communication protocol and DEMO Software for your further development.

Type: ID Card, Mifare Card, TM Card selectable

Available Range:
ID Card: 5-10 cm; Mifare card: 3-8 cm, Long distance: 70-110 cm, 3-5m selectable.