Sell ID Card style Micro-recorder/camera/recorder

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1. The world's first work permit type (ID card type) micro-recorder/camera/ recorders, ultra-thin design, only 5.3 mm thickness, the size is just the same as credit card;
2. Work permits exists the original features at the same time , based on the templates, users can create their own work permits and licences with different styles;
3. ID cards, built-in high sensitivity sensor chips, user can used it on device like attendance, access control, car parks, and other equipments;
4. The apearance is colored, can be customized on different colors according to the need of customer;
5. COMS built-in 1.3 million high-definition digital camera;
6. Audio and video can be synchronous, and it can work about 3 hours, the time watermark is embed into video files automatically, it sync to real-time of computer , more simple to operate;
7. The document was named by the date, can be find more convenient;
8. Can be used as a digital tape recorder alone, recording can last for about 4 hours;
9. Can be used alone as digital cameras, can take more than 100 photos;
10. Built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium and standby time is up to 10 hours or more;
11. Video resolution:352*288, video frames:15fps/s, AVI format, WAV audio formats, photo resolution: 1280*1024, can be directly play via computer;
12. Built-in 4GB memory