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Merlin Gerlin RCCBs/ Merlin Gerlin RCDs/ Merlin Gerlin residual current circuit breakers/ Merlin Gerlin residual current devices

Main specification:

Standard: IEC1008, GB16916, BS EN 61008
Rated Voltage(Un) : 2Pole, 230V AC,
4Pole, 400V AC
Rated current(In) : 25, 40, 63A
Rated residual operating current(In) : 30, 100, 300, 500mA
Rated residual non-operating current(1no) : 0. 51n
Residual current off-time more or less 0. 1S
Minimum value of rated making and breaking capacity (Im) : 1KA
Rated conditional short-circuit current (Inc) : In=25, 40A Inc=150A
In=63A, Inc=3000A

Endurance: On load: 2000 cycles
Off load: 2000 cycles
Installation: On symmetric DIN rail
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