Sell IEEE 1394 Card (RMCP026USB)

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Thank you for purchasing our 1394 CARDBUS CARD, which can extend two to four 1394 interfaces of notebooks conveniently through PCMAIA slot with your notebook. Its obvious characteristics include easy installation, high rate of transfers. 1394 CARDBUS CARD has adopted fashionable high perfermance , high-speed digital technology. It can cnnect your vidicon, VCRS, printer, tv set digital camera and so on with your computer at same time . If you have the product , not only you will transfer video from vidicon or static picture from digital camera into your computer, but also quality of pictures is not destroyed.

Technoloy parameters
Two to three 1394 interfaces
The bit rate:100Mps,200MPS,400MPS
Compliant with 1394 OpenHCI Specifications V1.0 and V1.1
Supports OS: window98/98se/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS8.6 or above
Performance featrues
Fast, simple installation.
Extend2-3 IEEE 1394 interfaces for notebooks.
Supports CardBus interface
Supports provisions of IEEE 1394-1995 Standard for High performance Serial Bus and the P1394a Supplement 4.0.
Supports high-speed peripheral equipments.
Supports Play and Plug.
Low power
The rate up to 50MB/sec
Hardware installation
Shut down power
Select a PCMCIA slot
Connect the 1394 Cardbus with PCMCIA right
Start up your computer
If the product that you have buyed has DC 12V connector Jack and 12V power implement, these show that the product does not support the 1394 equipments whose power comes from 1394 interface.

Software installation
General Operating systems support the product and have its driver programms. When you connect our product with your notebook , windows operating systems can automate to intall its driver programs.