Sell IEEE1394 Card - RMCP011USB

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IEEE 1394 (aka 'Firewire') is a new kind of standard interface supported by Windows98SE/2000/XP. The rate of transfer is up to 400Mps, it solves the question that the multimedia devices (example for video camera, scanner, printer) transfer data at high-speed rate and the interfaces of your computer in existence don't reach the rate. IEEE 1394 connects up to 63 devices together. The obvious characteristic is the play and plug.
2. Application
IEEE 1394A can support many kind of peripheral devices such as large-content memory(eg:hard disk) , netmeeting, video output, net in miniature, high-speed printers, devices for enjoyment, DVB and so on.
3. The product offers two or three port outside and one port inside. Compliant with IEEE1394-1995 Standard for High performance serial Bus and 1394A supplement ver.4.0.
1) Each 1394A fully compliant cable port supporting 100/200/400Mps.
2) Compliant with 1394 OpenHCI Sepcification V1.0 and V1.1.
3) Compliant with PCI Specification V2.2.
4) Compliant with PCI Bus Power Management Specification V1.1.
5) Full support Play and Plug.
6) Supported by Microsoft Windows98/ME/XP/2000 and MacOS9.0 operating system.