Sell IGBT inverter DC TIG Welder ZX7-400

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Main function characteristics
1, The adoption is in the world nowadays since the advanced again mature IGBT power mold piece the conduct and actions goes against to change the machine. Piece and go against to change the frequency to amount to the 18 KHzs to go against to change the technique, technique forerunner, is 21 century's welding machine.
2, Allow the net to press to undulate the scope breadth to reach-15%~+15%, apply the workplace gearing usage very much.
3, Allow the welder line long, two times back track allows the 50 Ms above, the homework distance long, radius at, very apply the engineering the spot usage.
4, The whole machine is whole three defend the design creation(the circuit plank immerses the paint and deals with contact to seal completely) , the assurance is under the bad environment of can depend the work first normally.
5, Spread a design of hot breeze excellently, the assurance is under the heat environment of normal usage.
6, The welding process electric current stability, lead the function of radiangood, the noise is small and splashes small, take shape good.
7, Welding electric current usage precision numeral manifestation function.
8, Deal with contact the adoption the fast standard deal with contact, the convenience changes and replaces with each other.
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