Sell IGF-1 LR3, Long R3 LGF-1

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Brief introduction : Long chain human insulin-like growth factor (Long IGF-1 R3) is a kind of protein which has 83 amino acids. We can use the gene clone method to clone the gene into the
colibacillus and induce to express. Then through several steps of separation purification process,
causes the purity to achieve above 95%.
The Long IGF-1 R3's difference is because of the tertiary amino acid of its human insulin-like
growth factor(IGF-1) . The arginine on the tertiary amino acid replaced the glutamic acid, this
caused the Long IGF-1 R3 can not combine with some certain proteins, thus the human body can maintain longer half decay time, which is 200 times stronger than the natural IGF-1's activity.
Long IGF-1 R3 has many functions, such as it can increase the protein synthesis, increase the
RNA synthesis, promote fat metabolism and sugar transport and so on.
Therefore, for the animals, the Long IGF-1 R3 can promote the muscle cell become large,
transform the fat into energy, etc.
Moreover, the Long IGF-1 R3 using as the additive for cell culture, is the best cytokine for
serum-free culture. It is suitable for many cell variety and has good effect for promoting growth,
the two functions are incomparable, other cytokines do not have the two functions.
Storage: Long IGF-1 R3 freeze dried powder can be stored for 2 years under -18oC, the activity is unchangeable