Sell IKL1.2LM(A) Integrated Miner’s Cap Lamp

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It is a new generation of integrated miners cap lamp with safety, energy saving and environment protection features. The international advanced LED as its main light source, making it long in life and high in lighting effect. The switch of headlamp makes use of light-touch electronic switch, good seal and easy to use. With the microprocessor control chip inside, it has multi-function for self-protection, intelligent managing the process of charging and discharging, and can be charged by all kinds of charger. It adopts Ferric phosphate lithium battery pack which is no memory, free of maintenance, environment protection, safe and reliable. Main application into personal lighting use when one is under mine where there is flammable and explosive gas mixture.

Main specification
Item Specification
Battery style Ferric phosphate lithium
Rated capacity 1.2Ah
Rated voltage 3.2V
Lighting time >11h
LED main light source Working rated current <=0.1A
Length of Life >30000h
Max Luminance
(1m apart from the lamp) When lighting begins >1500lx
After lighting for 11h >=600 lx
Sub-lighting source rated power 0.4W
Length of life >2years
Charging Voltage (5-8) V
Charging time <10h
Explosion protection Exs I
Protection grade IP54
Dimensions of headpiece 71W75 mm
Weight 0.18kg
Brand Name
Model Number