Sell IMPAC Packing / Tower Packing

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With our years of manufacturing experiences, our researches and tests on the IMPAC packing, we have found that IMPAC enjoys much higher efficiency than any other common random packing in all aspects.
INTRODUCTION: IMPAC packing is new and different from various traditional tower packing. Its surface area per cubic meter and the size of the packing are two independent variables. Therefore, to meet the special technology requirements, we can make this IMPAC packing with larger or smaller surface area and with larger or smaller size. IMPAC is complicatedly structured like a network being composed of ribbed silk, rod body and tapered parts. It will increase the drop to the maximum limits. With the uniform distribution of the packing structure and with its favorable shape, IMPAC will make a more uniform distribution of the gas or liquid, and enhance surface humidity at the same time. IMPAC enjoys high efficiency and low pressure advantages. It can be available of metals or plastics.