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Dear Sirs,

Founded in 1996 in Italy Lombardiaexport is a consulting firm offering numerous business solutions to the importers, exporters to conduct trade with Italian Companies.
We have a long experience in international and domestic business development and we combine our services to tailored solution, matching the exact needs of each client.
The Import export activity means new business opportunities and increase the possibilities of profit, for Your Company.
We offer a qualified services, regarding import & export, which we adapt to the needs of our clients.

Our services are:

EXPORT IN ITALY : If you are considering introducing new products in Italian Market, we develop a strategy, evaluate possible partners, select the right customer segments.
We can help you to evaluate the market, prepare market plans, find the best distributor in Italy.

IMPORT FROM ITALY: Sourcing, Manufacturing, importing products and goods from Italy. We have direct relationships with Italian factories to meet your needs.
We offer significant business opportunities for your Company:

Direct Importing from Italy
Established relationships with Italian Manufacturers.
Products Made in Italy
Translation services.
Advertising & Promotion.
Web services & Professional solutions for internet to improve your company's image in every direction.
Our team of specialists are available to assist your company enter and expand in the Italian market.
Welcome to contact us to see how we can create a solution that meets your specific needs.