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Incense Sticks:

No. of fragrances : 42 no. s (As per list below)

Type of incense sticks : Hexa

No. of incense sticks in single hexa pack : 20 sticks

List of Incence Sticks- Fragrances:
Attract Clients (Peppermint)
Bed of Passion (Kama Sutra)
Dominator (Forever)
Keeps Away Evil (Poison)
For New Business (Channel)
Bad Luck Out (Sandal Wood)
Against Bad Luck (Chandan)
Against Envy (Drakkar)
Fast Life (Eternity)
Come to Me (Obsession)
Clears the Path (Mogra)
Luck & Prosperity (Tangerine)
Women's Catches (Nine Flowers)
Men's Catches (Intimate)
Marriage-Alliance (Jasmine)
Health-Love-Money (Nag Champa)
The Three Powers (Inspiration)
Against Witchcraft (Lavender)
Against Negative Atmosphere (Coconut)
Tangerine Coconut
Tangerine Sandal wood
Tangerine Cinnamon
Tangerine Honey
Tangerine Tulip
Tangerine Rose
Tangerine Lavender
Sandal Wood Rose
Sandal Wood Honey
Sandal Wood Cinnamon
Sandal Wood Coconut
Cinnamon Honey
Cinnamon Rose
Honey Strawberry
Honey Tulip
Rose Lavender
Rose Tulip
Sandal Wood

We are also pleased to inform you that we are also manufacturing dhoops & fragrance oils in 8 ml / 15 ml packing. The fragrances for all our products are developed by us exclusively. Kindly advise us if you are interested in dhoops & fragrance oils so that we can forward you the details of the same.