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To whom it may concern:

We are a Mexican-American company that a links businesses in North America based in the USA with offices in Mexico City as well, we represent several companies from Mexico and USA for their international sales and/or purchases. As the Hispanic market keeps growing in both size and buying power, companies in a variety of industries will enjoy significant marketing opportunities. We can link you with other companies in Mexico to target this market, think globally act locally and increase your international trade.

We are interested in developing a business relationship with your company in order to increase international trade and develop alliances with companies worldwide.

Mexico's outstanding geographical location and increasing development makes it a strategic country in the world, for instance, a German Manufacturer can setup an assembly plant in Mexico benefiting from the Free Trade Agreement EU-MEX then export the product to the US at a preferential tariff rate, (usually no tariff ) and many other benefits, we have trade agreements with the biggest economic blocks

Would you like to telemarket your products trough our overseas call center to the USA?
Are you in the USA and would like us to telemarket your products from overseas or handle your customer support in English or Spanish?
Telemarket to the Hispanic Market in the USA directly from Mexico, Surveys, Polls, Sales, and many other benefits.
We can handle your 1800 number and answer calls in Mexico, thanks to technology our costs are very competitive and our personnel is fully bilingual. click here for further information

If you would like to know more about how we can assist you and increase your international trade please send us an email