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Techniflex, especially designs and manufactures Flexible Air Ducts having different diameter and material which can be used at the where you need pratical, flexible and effective solutions to transfer the cold/warm air. It can be folded easily so that consumes less volume. This gives us oportunity to carry without spending much effort.
These ducts can be used in various types of applications because they are prodused by different materails. All series of ducts in the production can be designed wheather with large or small diameter for any applications of pressuring or vacumuming.

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Abrashion Resistant Polyurethane Hoses

Compared to other plastic hoses in the market, TECHNIFLEX polyurethane hoses (TECHNI PU) have the following distinguishing characteristics:

Compared to rubber hoses, TECHNIFLEX polyurethane hoses have greater flexibility and lower weight
Hoses are more usable at low temperatures because of their flexibility. The risk of bending fracture is lower at low temperatures. They have easy bending characteristics, so that there is no mechanical stress in connection points.
Wear is less i. e. about 3 to 4 times better than many soft PVC, 2.5 to 5 times better than rubber and aboutStrength at high temperatures compared to PVC hoses.
Polyurethane hoses have the advantage of high elasticity, high tensile strength, high resistance to tear propagation, best resilience and low compression set
High compression strength (It provides greater safety due to material stability)
It has advantages in case of fire (compared to PVC)
Environment friendly. Cost effective due to long usage period.

Rubber hoses are usually black and opaque therefore it is not possible to see and control the particles during the transfer process. TECHNI PU hoses are transparent which provides secure working area.
Good chemical resistance
Good resistance to UV and weather conditions.

Hoses For The Woodworking Industries

Nowadays many new machines are producing for woodwork industry and chip removals and there is an increase in demand for wood. Woodwork machines are now designed environmental friendly. Besides woodwork factories and plants want to remove chips from their production line. Now, standards of production should be higher than before. Therefore, TECHIFLEX means high quality suction hoses that can be used under extreme operating conditions.
We are using improved raw materials in our new special designed hoses for the removal of wood dust and chips.
TECHNIFLEX hoses means resistant and high cost-benefit effective hoses for the wood processing industry.

Hoses for the Health - Food Industry

Food processing like drying, freezing, packaging is increasing along with the population increase and improvements in the technology and its usage area is expanding. Hoses using in the health and food industry are using in crucial points and should be antibacterial. Hoses provide smooth and safety delivery of food in vacuum and pressure applications.

Besides other mechanical specifications of TECHNIFLEX hoses could be given as follows:
Very little deposition
Easy cleaning (without residues)
Gently material delivery
Lower operating costs
Lower pressure loss
Reduction of blower power requirements
Higher delivery rate.

Hoses For A/C, Ventilation, Andwelding Fumes

These types of hoses have a lot of types since their usage areas are wider. Hoses are produced according to different types of mechanical and chemical features and separated from each other with regard to these features. For example, while the ventilation hoses are produced with PVC coated fabric, welding fumes hoses are produced with PVC coated fabric but including fire retardant. Nonetheless, the thickness of fabric and PVC coating hoses used in high-vacuum applications are bigger, than the others. Isolated ducts are used in transfer process of cold or warm air. Generally, the characteristics of the ducts are changed with regard to their usage areas.
PVC coating thickness
Use of fabric or not
Extra properties as fire retardant etc
The thickness of the fabrics used in the production
Spir range of the ducts
High quality, high cost-benefit rate hoses are produced by changing the production inputs as denoted above.

PVC Hoses

Due to the following characteristics, PVC hoses are demanded by many of our customers:
Versatile Material
Chemical Resistance (especially acid and bases)
If there is no any sensitive application in the industry (like food, pharmacy etc applications) and if the cost is important for the user, the best solution is PVC ducts which have wider usage areas. The flexibility is more and the first investment cost is lower.

Tunnel Mining Ventilation Hoses

The most important factor in tunnel and mining applications is to pres or vacuum the required air into the tunnel or mining areas. Because of the nature of the tunnel/mining areas, there are turning points and sloped areas. In these cases, TECHNICONNECT hoses have higher performance. At bending or turning points, the vertical and horizontal section does not change because of the spiral and the pressure loss is very lower. The most effective, safety and practical way of suction the air from tunnel/mining is TECHNICONNECT hoses. The advantages of the hoses are;
Practical, easy installation with connection elements and hanging apparatus
Cross section area does not change in turning or bending points
Vacuum is possible
Long service life
Mechanical endurance factor in underground
Benefit/cost ratio is higher
Lower pressure loss compared with classic air ducts

Chemical Hoses

Chemical industry needs mixing various materials; this can lead to improvement or worsening of chemical resistance. Therefore, hoses subject to chemical usage should be produced according to chemical requirements such as extreme chemical exposure, higher temperatures, and associated dynamic and mechanical stresses.

TECHNIFLEX chemical hoses are designed to yield all of these requirements. With reference to your needs, we determine the exact hoses, to solve your problems please give us a call, we would be very glad to give you the assistance.

Agricultural Hoses

The ducts used in agricultural sector are to transfer the grain particles generally. the ducts should have the abrasion and vacuum resistance. Additionally, it should resist to heat, cold and mechanical effects (drag, pres, impulse, vibration etc) . We will be in charge with different types of hoses for different applications. Our marketing expert would be happy to help you to select the right hose.

Hoses for Aviation and Defence Industries

The hoses used in the aviation and defense industries have the additional features. They are designed and manufactured specially. Additionally, they should resist the mechanical effects coming from the working environment (drag, pres, impulse, vibration . etc) They have also the following distinguishing characteristics:

High temperature hoses
Fire retardant hoses
High pressure hoses
Insulated hoses
Higher movement/vibration hoses
TECHNIFLEX Hoses pass all of these hard tests since years

Insulation Hoses

TECHNIFLEX introduces Suction and blast hoses, suitable for applications where isolation is required, and also as bellows and compensator. Generally, TECHNIFLEX hoses are manufactured as two main types;

With insulation layer and composite material
Double folded application
Please just tell us your requirements, we will choose the best duct for you according to purpose and the area of the application.

Heat resistance
Suitable for light overpressure
Multi-layer and composite layer

In multi-layer hoses, Inner and outer hose are determined by TECNIFLEX upon request.
Temperature Range -200 0 C approx, to + 700 0 C approx. (upon request)

Medium And High Temperature Hoses

TECHNIFLEX is the high temperature hose trademark which produces one layer hoses resist up to 700 C, and multi layer hoses resist up to 1100 C. The products contain no asbestos. TECHNIFLEX hoses are manufactured by the advanced technology. In order to get high efficiency from the hoses, please check the positive / negative pressures and take into account the connection shapes.
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