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EXecutive plan is an industrial engineering & business consultancy, which provides independent consulting services to individuals, companies, industries, construction companies, accounting & law firms.

The firm's independence is a well-guarded asset, which is not bound by any agreements with suppliers or contractors. eXecutive plan is only bound by its self-imposed strict code of professional ethics where professionalism and integrity are the corner stones.

EXecutive plan's primary role is the transfer and implementation of modern industrial technology. It strives to achieve the best possible integration of human resources, technological alternatives and market needs, in order to achieve at feasible solutions.

No matter what field of activity you are in, technology, one way or another affects you and eXecutive plan can support you by extending your technical and management capabilities.

Implementing the decision to build or expand manufacturing facilities from conception to profitable reality is an exacting and complex task, which demands the skills and talents of many individuals.

EXecutive plan can assist you at any stage of a project, from initial definition to handover, with resources to provide any service including detailed engineering, procurement, construction supervision and financial management.

EXecutive plan enabled by its experience and expertise, which represent the capability to cover a wide range of technologies, can offer its services to any type of project, both in the industrial and public works sector, at home and overseas.

Technology assessments

Selection of the best technology for new projects, or for factory modernization programmers, is of crucial importance at a time when plant investment cost has escalated substantially. eXecutive plan provides assistance in evaluating various technologies and charactering a process as feasible for commercial operation or not. For proper technology transfer we provide assistance in negotiating license agreements so that they are fair to both parties and that the licensee receives appropriate technical assistance to operate the plant and to make later improvements in the process.

Process evaluation & feasibility studies

These are important ingredients in eXecutive plan's business development program. Alternatives are thoroughly evaluated according to the client's demands and feasible solutions are proposed within the individual constraints of a project

Technical evaluation & industrial audits

EXecutive plan can assist clients in evaluating the operations of their manufacturing units, the performance of their equipment, the potential for improving productivity, yield, quality and the use or reuse of resources, particularly energy and water. Auditing may lead to recommendations, for improved designs, modified operating conditions and better resource use with possible recovery and recycling.

Process Design

Process design is conducted by using standard engineering design techniques and specially written computer programs. eXecutive plan prepares the process designs from which specifications for the correct equipment for the most economic plant can be issued.

o Process definition

o Test-work

o Flow sheets

o Computer-aided process modeling

o Detailed process design

o Operating manuals

o Commissioning

Engineering design

EXecutive plan can help companies in developing their manufacturing process and designing new or revamped facilities and equipment, according to internationally accepted standards and codes of practice.

o Engineering studies and designs

o Plant layout

o Material services

o Inspection and acceptance testing

o Design and safety audits

o Engineering co-ordination and liaison

Project management & supervision

Where assistance is required in project planning, development and implementation. eXecutive plan can provide the following services to lead the project from conception to completion

o Preliminary project definition

o Conceptual design and cost studies

o Feasibility studies and bankable documents

o Assistance with project financing

o Audits technical and cost

o Tender preparation, contract negotiation and administration

o Planning and estimating

o Cost control and progress reporting

o Site management and engineering

o Materials control

o Quality control

o Start-up and commissioning of plant

o Training and recruitment

o Maintenance planning

o Client liaison

Procurement Services

To meet cost and construction programmes eXecutive plan procures equipment on a worldwide basis. The service covers expediting, inspection of shipping transport, while ensuring the equipment is up to specification.

o Purchasing research

o Vendor sourcing

o Adjudication of tenders

o Orders and contracts

o Expediting

o Issue of enquiries

Plant start-up & operator training
Start-up engineers are provided by eXecutive plan to conduct plant-proving trials to ensure that equipment meets its guarantees. eXecutive plan, when required, will arrange for the training of client's personnel to be carried out according to an agreed program.