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We specialised in International Business & Serivces offered in this sector. We arrange buyer and seller meet in the feild of Pharma, Textiles, Metal, HMS, Ammonium Nitrate, Promotional, Iron Ore, Products like Jute bags, Pens, Gifts etc. . . .

We also take care of Air and Sea Logistics including Customs clearance from Mumbai.

We re-present many office those who are based in Interior of India for Air & Sea Logistics & Customs. We also take care of procurement on behalf of my International Client those who are based aborad like Russuis, Africa, U. S. , U. K. etc. . .

We take care almost all the sector of International Business right from Procurement to Logistics.

We also have office in Russian Countires like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukriane etc. .