Sailing and cruising are among the most popular summer activities in Greece. After all, there are more than 3,000 Greek islands. In 1998, more than 58 thousand calls to Greek marinas were registered. Today, bookings for holiday boats are over 20,000, a figure expected to double by 2005. According to these figures, there is a demand for 12,000 mooring places with an option of 16,000 - 18,000 places by 2005. Officially there are 7,271 mooring places which in 1999 offered turnover of about 12 million EUR.
At present, 15 marinas are in operation in Greece and 19 are under construction. Moreover, nine more are expected to be tendered in the near future. The infrastructure to accommodate future marinas, will be constructed by the Prefectures with European Union financing. The construction of the remaining project phases, along with the operations will be appointed to private investors on a long-term lease basis through public tenders.

In 2000, a financial consultant was appointed by the Ministry of National Economy to evaluate the 200 million EUR development programme for marinas that will include added facilities (hotels, bungalows, shopping centers, etc) . Furthermore, all large resorts under development, have included in their building plans, private marinas for their guests.

Incentives for Marina Investments (under Law 2601/98)
Cash grant 35%
Loan interest subsidy 35%
Leasing subsidy 35%
Tax allowance 70%
Loan interest subsidy 35%