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Amount to an estimated value of U. S. $ 25 to $ 30 million, which considers the following aspects:
 Engineering study and development of the project U. S. $ 1,000,000 to 1,200,000
Sixteen locks  U. S. $ 9,600,000 to 11,520,000
 Channeling of the river U. S. $ 12,800,000 to 15,360,000
 Another $ 1,600,000 to 1,920,000
These costs should be covered through resources that generate the various concessions
may confer on the river and its banks, for which the municipalities and ministries
corresponding need to provide these resources for a period of time necessary to cover
direct costs. Among the concessions can be granted, are as follows:
 Use and enjoyment of the river's banks, for sports, cultural and recreational opportunities.
 Extraction of aggregates of the river channel.
 Removal of solid waste in the river channel through primary clarifiers.
To address the financing of the construction of this project, it is possible to use two channels:
 That the project managers to obtain financing from international agencies and pay
those claims to the proceeds of the concessions, or
 That the tendering project management construction, delivering to whoever wins the tender on
use of concessions for the time period is established on the bases.
They correspond to the costs of landscaping, beautification and upgrading of the bank and installments
River to be usable for the development of sporting, cultural and recreational
and recreation of the people of Santiago. These costs should be borne by the dealers and their amount
depends on conditions established by each municipality in the corresponding bases and
Proposals submitted to compete.
The Mapocho, due to the slope of its bed, dragged a large volume of stones, which in its
vast majority are deposited in the first stages of its travel. In the proposed project, these
stones would still carried by the river to settle before each lock. Every few
time, the locks should be collapsed to allow the normal flow of river stones
down. Those stones that are not dragged by the normal flow of the river, must be removed
periodically as aggregates, a task that can be given in concession in response to the economic benefits