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Product Description
IP Camera
This Pan/Tilt IP Camera and your home or business network form a powerful video remote monitoring solution. Just place the IP Camera anywhere on your network, power it up, and its ready to be accessed by any PC on the network running web browser. The IP camera utilizes MJPEG hardware compression, brings 30fps@VGA resolution live video to you.
The built-in pan and tilt, live streaming snapshot/video capture functions can all be
controlled directly from the cameras on-board homepage. Capability for motion detection with e-mail notification may be added by purchasing an optional motion detector.
Use the IP Camera to keep an eye on your home or business when you cant be there. Give friends and relatives a window into your world or monitor and record anything from anywhere on the Internet.
Besides basic web authority mechanism, IP Camera provide an 128-bit AES encryption to
the images transportation, ensures your information security.
IP Camera can store images to CF Card, or, send images to your mailbox when triggered.
Your may use the internal Motion Detection function or external PIR sensor to trigger images recording and transportation.
The internal relay can be used to control external devices according to your setting.
IP Camera provides dynamic DNS function, thus you may use it in xDSL environment.
VideoInput: Single high quality CMOS Sensor (30,0000 pixels)
FPS:30 frame per second (640x480) maximum.
VGA (640x480) SIF (320x240) QSIF (160x120) Optional
Typical Bandwidth:
160x120@10fps:300 kilobits -480kilobits
320x240@10fps:640 kilobits-960kilobits
640x480@10fps:3.2 Megabits -4.8Megabits
160x120@30fps:900 kilobits -1.44Megabits
320x240@30fps:1.92 Megabits-2.88 Megabits
640x480@30fps:9.6 Megabits -14.4 Megabits
Rotation:Pan 180 degree, Tilt 120 degree
Digital Input:2-way Open/Close Input
Relay Output1-way Relay Output(36 AC/DC, 0.1A) Connection:5 Pins
Interface Ethernet:10/100Base-T RJ-45
Protocol Transport:RTP/IP, UDP/IP, TCP/IP, SMTP/HTTP/FTP
Other:DNS and DHCP client, DDNS
Supply:5V DC
Consumption:5W Maximum
Cell:ABS plastic
Size:L103 x W91 x H134mm
Weight:350g Temperature:0ℿ45ℿ Humidity:50ℿ95%.
System Setup:Web Page
Upgrade Firmware:upgrade by Web
CPU:32bit ARM@66MHz frequency.