Sell IP Phone

IP Phone
 Main chipPA1688 50MHz
 Data Memory2MB SDRAM
 Program Memory1or 2 MB Flash memory
 Ethernet Jack1/2 10/100M jacks
 AC/DC adapterOutput 12V DC, 450mA
 DHCP support for LAN or Cable modem
 PPPoE support for ADSL or Cable modem
 Set phone by HTTP web browser or Telnet
 Upgrade by FTP
 Support major G.7XX ; GSM610 audio codec
 VAD(Voice active detect)
 CNG (Comfort noise generation)
 Dynamic voice jitter buffer
 G.167/165 compliant 16ms echo cancellation
 Tone generation and Local DTMF re-generation according with ITU-T
 E.164 dial plan and customized dial rules
 100 entries for speed dial
 80 entries each for missed calls, answered calls and dialed calls
 Adjustable volume for both handset and speaker
 Voice prompt
 Support adjustable user password and super password