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NXD-802 IP phone supports H323, SIP, MGCP, IAX2 and other protocols, offers two 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface and can accommodate both internet access and telephone connection on a single line, thus effectively using the existing broadband resources. It is compatible with various softswitch systems and VoIP voice gateways to provide broadband IP voice service.

Ip phone(NXD-802) Key Features:
1. DHCP support for LAN or Cable modem; PPPoE support for ADSL or Cable modem.

2. Set IP PHONE by HTTP web browser or Telnet; Upgrade by FTP.

3. Support major G. 7XX; GSM610 audio codec; VAD(Voice active detect) .

4. CNG (Comfort noise generation) ; Dynamic voice jitter buffer;

5. G. 167/165 compliant 16ms echo cancellation;

6. DHCP support for automatically assign IP address and relevant parameters;

7. Tone generation and Local DTMF re-generation according with ITU-T;

8. E. 164 dial plan and customized dial rules; Hotline;

9. PPPoE support for ADSL or Cable modem; Voip internet phone Upgrade program by FTP mode.

10. Setting IP Net Phone parameters by standard web browser (such as IE6. 0) phone keypad or standard telnet.
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