Sell IP Phone

IP Phone
Network Features

Support IPv6 (Optional) : nonsupport recently
SIP(RFC3261, RFC2976, RFC3264, RFC3265, RFC3428, rfc3515, and related RFC draft standards)
VLAN (802.1Q)
Qos (IEEE802.1p, DiffServ(TOS) )
POE (802.3af) /(Optional)

Calling Features

Make calls using regular phone or extension numbers
Make calls using IP address
Answer an Incoming call
Caller ID and/or number display
Call Waiting
Call forward
Calling name and number display
Call transfer
Three-way calling
Call hold/resume
On-Hook dialing
Speed dialing
Call logs: Display Outgoing , Incoming , Missed calls up to 30
Phonebook: Memorize 60 entries
DND: Reject an Incoming call
Redial: Speed call to which recently dialed
Message: nonsupport
Call Mute:
Speaker phone:
One touch re-registration button
Volume control with the Arrow button during a call
Ring tone control with the Arrow button (4 ring of a bell support)

Additional Features

Ipv6 Support (Optional) : nonsupport
DHCP, Static IP support
F/W upgrade web base
Indicate current date and time based on GMT---SIP/NTP
In band and RFC2833 DTMF/SIP Info
Power over Ethernet (POE) XEEE802.3af (Optional) nonsupport
Hotkey for phone book and call log
Calling time Indication in minutes and seconds
Language support :English , Chinese
Comport Noise Generation (CNG) , Voice Activity Detection (VAD) , Adaptive Jitter Buffer, and Echo Cancellation (E.168 E.165 compliance)
Password Protection
Easy to configure: Through direct management or convenient web browsers
Voice and Codes
g.711uLaw/aLaw with PLC (Packet Loss Compensation) G.729A/B
Jitter Buffering
VAD(Voice Active Detector) and CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)
Silence Suppression
G.168 15ms length adaptive echo canceller
Volume control for Ringer and the Receiver
Brand Name
CE &26 FCC
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
3 days
Model Number
Power Requirements
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB ShenZhen