Sell IPL Quantum Skin-Care System

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1. Speckles, age spot, sun-induced freckles and so on
2. Red blood streak, bottlenose, erythema
3. Wrinkles, acne scar, low skin elasticity, trichopore
4. Skin rejuvenating, hair-removal

Treatment traits:
1. Broad-spectrum, no ablation or intervention to skin
2. Remarkable curative effects
3. Removing all kinds pigment on face or body
4. Removal of acne scar
5. Removal unexpected hair on limbs, lips, face
6. Shrinkage of trichopore
7. Removal of facial blood streak and erythema
8. Proliferation of collagen to improve skin elasticity
9. Improvement of skin roughness and blemish

Light source: Intense Pulse Light
Wavelength: 690nm-1200nm(560nm-1200nm)
Light guide: Crystal optical system
Fluence: 20-50m/cm2
Pulse duration: 20149.7ms
Fluency: <=1P/3S
Spot size: 8X34mm
Cooling system: Thermal & Electric and Built-in Circle water-cooling system
Size: 590mmX600mmX10000mm
Packing size: 600mmX680mmX1100mm
Weight: 35kg
Net weight: 60kg
Power requirement: AC 110-240V, 3A, 50HZ